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The magical power of mud and water

Hot water, which has flowed underground for millions of years, and ancient mud are combined to bring health and wellbeing to your body. After indulging in a mud treatment, you will feel lighter and in great shape.

The regenerating power of water

After a long journey

The water from our spa spring flows deep beneath the ground along the asthenosphere at a depth of 100 - 350 km, reaching the right temperature for it to be called hyperthermal and taking on the special characteristics that make it salt-bromide-iodine spa water. The water travels for 30 years through a maze of underground passages from the Lessini mountains until it reaches the underground aquifer that is right under our hotel, where it is collected at a depth of 267m and at a temperature of 72°C. There is something genuine, inexplicable and protective about this water as it takes you in its embrace, relieving tensions and allowing you to see things in a new light.

Indoor thermal pool in our hotel
Thermal water relax


The composition of the spa water in our pools releases tension in your muscles, is a powerful analgesic and helps you relax. We have selected a variety of water jets for you to try, where the temperature, dissolved salts and pressure of the water all contribute to your general relaxation. They stimulate blood vessels and reactivate venous and lymphatic circulation in the different muscle groups.

The special composition of the salt-bromine-iodine hyperthermal water in the Euganean Basin helps cleanse the mucous membranes of the respiratory system. As it is a completely natural treatment, inhalation therapy is also suitable for children.
Hotel Apollo has an agreement with the Italian Health Service, so guests can undergo a cycle of inhalations / aerosol therapy / nasal irrigations once a year upon presentation of a prescription from their general practitioner to treat the following conditions: rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, catarrhal otitis and chronic bronchitis.

Turkish baths and Finnish saunas complement spa treatments as they stimulate blood circulation and have a powerful detoxing and toning effect on the whole body. They are recommended to treat stress, overweight and metabolic disorders (gout, high cholesterol).
According to current regulations for covid-19 protection, they can be opened every day from 4 pm to 6 pm.


On the ground floor in the Relax zone we have created for you a Private Spa: a small intimate and quiet oasis to share with those you love, for exclusive moments of well-being, to be booked for unforgettable breaks and unique moments.
The sauna and the Turkish bath regenerate the body and spirit, purify from toxins and stress, give a full feeling of well-being.

Thermal mud

The chemical and biological properties of our mud make it ideal for anti-inflammatory, analgesic, muscle-relaxing and revitalising treatments. During the maturation process, the mud is left to rest in our special tanks containing spa water and at the end it becomes mature mud® D.O.C.

How a mud therapy session takes place?

The thermal mud is applied by the mud-therapist on the patient's body according to the specialized doctor’s instructions concerning temperature, duration and body parts involved (total or partial application). A cycle of 10-12 applications is recommended (2 weeks’ stay) for the therapy to be effective. At the end of the session the mud is removed, the patient takes a shower and plunges into an ozonized thermal bath. Here he stays 8-10 minutes at a temperature of 36°-38°C to benefit from its vasodilating and muscle-relaxing effects, which are very important after a fango application. After the bath the patient lies wrapped in clothes to facilitate the “sweating reaction”.
Hotel Apollo has a ASL convention (Italian Health Service).

Thermal Colours®: an innovative line of cosmeceuticals for international spa wellbeing.

The three ranges of body products with natural extracts combine mud with spa water from the Euganean Spas, algae and the typical aromas of the Euganean Hills National Park. Each of the products has its own distinctive fragrance, ingredients and properties. The mud is added to three specially created creams which enhance its specific qualities and give it three natural colours.

Microscrub White
a scrub which promotes cell renewal, leaving the skin velvety soft.

Body Slim Yellow
breaks down fat and improves cell metabolic efficiency and drainage.

Antiage Red
protects the skin from external aggressors, oxidative stress and cell ageing.

Rehabilitation therapies

Wellness from head to toe

We’ll take care of you from head to toe, with personalised treatments by our physiotherapist designed to meet your every need.

Hydrokinesitherapy: the miracles of water

Hydrokinesitherapy is one of our strong points. It is carried out with assistance by a physiotherapist and comprises active and passive gymnastics in spa water. This treatment is particularly suitable after surgery on hip, knee, shoulder, knee ligaments and rotator cuff. It is also ideal for spine stabilisation. The muscle-relaxing action of the spa water, accompanied by the benefits of movement in water aids faster healing and helps rehabilitation.bilitazione

Is one of the most innovative Arts of Wellbeing. Performed in water heated to body temperature, it combines the benefits of an ancient oriental practice, such as Shiatsu, with those of warm water.The body is gently supported as it floats, alternating relaxation with movement, creating a kind of harmonious dance where the body is rocked and then stretched. It creates a profound state of letting go and relaxation which helps restore natural psycho-physical wellbeing.

Physiokinesiotherapy: the positive power of movement

Physiokinesiotherapy is a functional re-education technique which, through specific gymnastics, helps to combat a wide variety of degenerative, inflammatory, post-traumatic, neurological and vascular complaints. Physiokinesiotherapy is an exceptional complement for tradition bath and mud treatments.
È Indicated for:
• Degenerative complaints: primary and secondary arthritis
• Inflammatory conditions: periarthritis, tendonitis, tenositis, bursitis, fibritis, arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, metabolic rheumatism, lumbago, cervicitis
• Post-Traumatic complaints: hypotonicity and hypotrophy muscles, joint stiffness, lymphatic and vein stasis, (due to fractures, contusions, tendon lesions, arthopedic operations)
• Neurological problems: hemiplegia, paraplegia, monoplegia, poly-neuropathy, myopathy
• Vascular pathology: lymphatic and circulatory insufficiency of the lower limbs, obstructive arteriopathy

Warmth in everything we do

Massages, regenerating rituals

From reflexology to shiatsu, performed by our qualified staff, regenerate your mind and tone your body in a real haven of wellbeing.


The Hotel Apollo team now has a doctor specialised in acupuncture and trigger point therapy who is on hand to give advice and prepare personalised treatment plans for our guests to help relieve pain, even in the acute phase.

Acupuncture is an ancient therapeutic method that belongs to traditional Chinese medicine and it has been practised from as early as 540 B.C.. The principle behind this technique is to restore good health and wellbeing to the patient by inserting needles into specific points of the energy flow pathways in the human body, called meridians. It is possible to treat conditions such as depression, stress, insomnia, gastric reflux, paresthesia of the hands and feet, menopause-related problems, headaches, vertigo, neuralgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, bunions, herpes zoster and constipation, as well as helping patients lose weight.

Pain management or trigger point therapy consists of treating the triggers of acute pain in certain parts of the body. Trigger points are points which often act as the epicentre of the symptoms and from there the pain spreads to a considerably larger area. For example, some of these points in head muscles can cause toothache or tinnitus and being able to recognise them helps doctors prescribe the right therapy. The treatment involves injecting saline solution into the pain site, eliminating the calcium ions which cause irregular muscle contraction. It is possible to correct poor posture, slipped discs, cervical, back and lumbar pain, myofascial pathologies and also hip, knee, hand, shoulder and elbow pain.

This totally natural approach helps restore balance and good health to your body, with ancient techniques which complement our mud and spa water treatments.