High Quality Mediterranean Food
with Seasonal Theme

Taste the Euganean Specialities in our restaurant: Mediterranean, local and even international food together with special theme dinners.
We are always looking for genuine products from our territory. We prefer buying first produce according to the season: mushrooms, asparagus, herbs, seasonal vegetables and fruit. The fishermen in Chioggia supply us with tasty fish from the Adriatic Sea: basses, dentex, swordfish, turbots, mussels and clams.
Our cooks get inspiration from the whole world as well as from the local territory to offer you light menus (but also gala menus!) every day, paying attention to your special food requirements. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the taste of first-choice ingredients!
Match your dishes with the wines from our cellar, to enhance the quality of our regional food and Italian tradition. At Hotel Terme Apollo the “Dolce Vita” is waiting for you.
sala da pranzo
our breakfast room
In the large bright room on the second floor, with a wonderful view on the Euganean Hills, we prepare our international buffet breakfast. Open from 7.45 to 10 a.m. (from 7 on weekends, on request).
A large choice is at your disposal: fresh bread, cakes and brioches, muesli with fruit, fresh fruit salad, salami, cheese, bacon and eggs.
Do not hesitate to inform us about your food intolerances: we will offer you lactose-free and gluten-free products.
drinks at the Apollo hotel
Take your time, relax, sit down... we’ll see to the rest.
Our barmen will take care of you and will be glad to offer you an aperitif before dinner, a fresh drink in a hot Summer afternoon or a hot herb tea in Winter. On our wide bar terrace you can taste a snack or sip a cocktail while admiring the green Euganean hills. When the weather is fine we prepare afternoon snacks, so that when you go out of the swimming pool you can find strawberries, fruit salad, peaches with Prosecco, or a pizza prepared by our cooks.
OPEN from 9 to 24.
Our menus

Spring Festival

House aperitif with canapé and rissoles
Fried vegetables
Puff-pastry and little basket with different flavours

Fresh asparagus with Parmesan
Mimosa salad and cherry tomatoes with courgettes
* * * *
Sea bass fillets marinates with citrus fruits
Tuna fish-tartare on vegetables
Boiled mantis shrimps
Crabs salad with lemon
* * * *
Consommé “floral”
* * * *
Spiny lobster ravioli with cuban sauce
Risotto with hop sprouts and aromatic herbs
Sturgeon fillet with breadcrumbs
shrimps and scallops sauce
Braised radicchio
* * * *
Lemon Sorbet
* * * *
Truffles beef sirloin in pastry crust with San Daniele ham
and Perigoudines sauce
Pheasant fillets with spring herbs
Demidov potatoes with rosemary
Artichokes roman style
Spring salad
* * * *
Parmesan and Gorgonzola
Puff-pastry with chantilly and yoghurt and vanilla quenelle
Fresh fruits

COCAI, Vignale di Cecilia (Tocai Colli Euganei)
(Barbera superiore del Monferrato)


Corn Festival

House aperitif
with canapé and rissoles,
salted bisquit with different flavours
Fried vegetables
Wholemeal bread croûtes
Fried fish, sushi
Glass “petite bouche”

Wines of Garda and Monferrato

Emilian Culaccia with Caciocavallo and figs sauce
Apulia's croûte
and artichokes in oil
* * * *
Home made noodles with broccoli,
cherry tomatoes and bacon
Crêpes with fondue and asparagus
on pistachio sauce
Mediterranean soup
Consommé Julienne
Assorted juices
* * * *
Sea bass fillet au gratin with vegetables
Basket of cheese with pilaf rice Catalan’s style
* * * *
Marosticana mixed salad
* * * *
Loin of veal with San Daniele ham in puff pastry
Château potatoes with thyme
Carrots and peas Clamart
* * * *
Gorgonzola cheese and Parmesan
King tart
Fresh fruits basket

Autumn Festival

House aperitif
canapés, fried vegetables
mixed wholemeal bread croûtes
stuffed bisquit rolls
fried fish

Bianco Sauvignon Mimosa "Colle Manora"
Rosé Bardolino del Garda
Prosecco Valdobbiadene

Parma raw ham
with cacio cavallo cheese from Maiella
figs sauce, sesame grissini
and artichokes in oil
Pumpkin and mushrooms stuffed ravioli with vegetables
Risotto with muscat grapes
Mediterranean soup
Consommé four season
Sea bass fillet au gratin with tomatoes
and black olives confit
Carrots and cheese timbale
Marosticana salad
Beef fillet in pasrty crust with truffled liver pudding
and perigourdine sauce
Château potatoes with thyme
Braised vegetables
Parmigiano and Gorgonzola cheese
King cake
Fresh fruits basket