Ancient volcanoes and national treasures
When exploring our area, you don’t have to go far to enjoy the beauty of nature created over thousands of years or national treasures built by man in some of the most beautiful artistic cities in the world. Take a trip, walk or ride and experience unforgettable sights and emotions.

Experience culture
Combine wellbeing with a visit to one of Italy’s best-loved artistic treasures like Padua, Venice, Verona, Vicenza and Treviso. Padua is known as the city with the “three withouts” (the saint without a name, the café without doors and the meadow without grass), famous for the Basilica of Saint Anthony, Caffè Pedrocchi and the largest square in Europe, Prato della Valle, as well as the Scrovegni Chapel with its stunning frescoes by Giotto.
Venice, beautiful whatever season you visit it in, with its masks, Saint Mark’s and islands, never fails to enchant and amaze, however many times you go. Verona, the city of lovers, is home to the Arena where you can enjoy live opera. Nearby are also Vicenza, the masterpiece of Palladian architecture, and romantic Treviso, lying at the foot of the Prosecco hills.
Museum of Ancient Thermalism and Territory
An immersive, interactive and personalizable museum experience.
Discover the secrets of thermalism and the hidden roots of Euganean territory. A lot of myths and emotions are waiting for you.           
It is based into the elegant rustic building of Villa Dragha few minutes’ walk from our hotel.
San Pelagio Castle
Air and Space Museum, Rooms of D'Annunzio and Historical Park 
The San Pelagio Castle rests in the embrace of a wonderful three-hectare park, embellished with a thousand roses and a collection of original flying vehicles. An inimitable place where history, science and nature live together.
Permanent exhibition
The building, which dates back to the 13th century, still maintains most of its original structures, despite the numerous restorations and remodels as for example with the addition of a loggia in the sixteenth-century. Also in the same century the rooms were frescoed with a cycle inspired by the most famous works of Petrarch: Canzoniere and Africa.
MUSME - Museum of the History of Medicine in Padua
Permanent museum
It is located in the monumental complex of the ancient Hospital of San Francesco Grande, the first hospital in Padua.
Botanical Garden University of Padua
Venue for events all year round
The Botanical Garden represents a site for the conservation of biodiversity. Considering that only 10% of the plant species present on earth are known, the role of research point takes on great value. About 7,000 botanical species can be found in the new botanical garden.
Permanent museum
The Glass Museum was founded in 1861 on the initiative of Antonio Colleoni, then Mayor of Murano and Abbot Vincenzo Zanetti, a glass art lover, with the idea of establishing an archive of testimonies on the history and life of the island. Purchases and donations continue over time to increase the collections, even of contemporary works.


Your favourite sport
Take a trip, walk or ride and experience unforgettable sights and emotions. If you decide to set out along the lovely cycle paths (which are all easy or of medium difficulty), explore the local area at your leisure or do something a little more strenuous, we will be able to advise you on the best facilities in the area.
We’ll help you keep fit. Whether you prefer tennis, swimming, diving or bowling, Hotel Terme Apollo offers a wide range of activities, thanks to its pool, fully equipped gym (Technogym) and the chance to use the facilities nearby, for example, with the nearby golf clubs (Golf Frassanelle, Golf Padua, Golf Club della Montecchia), offering our guests green fees at reduced prices, or horseback riding at the Equestrian Centre of Abano Terme.
Choose the best way to enjoy your holiday!




In the morning, from Monday until Saturday, fitness training (stretching, stiffening and respiratory exercises) in the gymnasium and, in our thermal pools, aquagym.
Every thursday takes place course of yoga in our gym.

Hiking and Wellness   

We are organising a week of wellness - a chance to connect with nature and regenerate mind and body – and reservations are already open.   
Our guide, a sports specialist, will take you on hikes geared to your capabilities in the beautiful Regional Park of the Euganean Hills, so you can reconnect with nature, leave your hectic lives behind and enjoy the stunning countryside around the hotel.

The cost is € 390.00 per person.   

  • Arrival Sunday 28.08.2022 at Hotel Terme Apollo
  • Departure Saturday 03.09.2022 from Hotel Terme Apollo
  • On Sunday evening our guide will briefly illustrate the week’s activities.
  • On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the day’s activities include a warm-up before you set off, the hike, a packed lunch and then a cool-down session in the pool when you get back.
  • Tuesday and Thursday are rest days, so you can recharge your batteries with a 40-minute regenerating therapeutic massage in the morning and exercises in the grounds of Hotel Apollo in the afternoon.

The price does not include accommodation, meals, drinks and any extras.

The wellness week will be repeated on the following date: 11.09.2022 - 18.09.2022.



What makes you want to try scuba diving? Usually it is for the sheer pleasure of trying something new, of sharing the same experience with other people and finding a new dimension of wellbeing underwater.


Not only is swimming underwater a unique experience that promotes considerable psychological and physical wellbeing, it also gives a large number of our skeletal muscles, particularly those of the abdomen and the lower limbs, a real workout. Underwater we move in an environment where the air is denser and there is increased resistance to our movements, without subjecting our joints to trauma.


One of the benefits of scuba diving is that it increases the oxygen dissolved in our blood due to the higher ambient pressure. This increases muscular energy, calcification of the bones and brain activity. The principle of exploiting this pressure to increase oxygen dissolution in the blood is used in the medical profession in hyperbaric oxygen therapy (patients are placed in a confined environment where they are subjected to an atmospheric pressure which goes from 2 to 2.8 atm, the same pressure a diver experiences when diving under 20 metres).


Breathing deeply and slowly when diving is important in order to optimise air consumption. At the same time a feeling of calm and relaxation washes over us in this silent environment where all our movements are slow, and our stress levels, caused by the hectic pace of our everyday lives, are lowered.


Practising a sport like scuba diving in thermal water increases the benefits it naturally offers. 
The chemical composition of the water helps cure chronic inflammatory processes in an effective and natural way. Swimming in thermal water is highly recommended for treating muscle atrophy and painful, aching joints.

The precious dissolved substances that give this water its therapeutic qualities mean it is a unique resource, and it has been classified as salt-bromide-iodine hyperthermal water.


Book your first scuba diving experience in the 4-metre deep pool at the Apollo, with the qualified instructors of the Y-40® International Training Academy on hand to help you. And if you would like to try a deeper dive, you can do so at the deepest swimming pool in the world at less than one kilometre from us.


Hotel Terme Apollo has four clay tennis courts for guests to use, set against the backdrop of the Euganean Hills - two outdoor and two indoor courts which are heated in the winter. Tennis lessons can be arranged upon request, even for the little ones. 
Tennis is a complete sport and is important for children too, as it teaches them coordination and discipline. It is energetic, it helps us mentally unwind and keep fit.

Fancy a game?

Book a court at reception if you have some free time, then treat yourself to a dip in the pool afterwards to cool down, a real cure-all for sports lovers.

Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or just want to relax and have fun outdoors surrounded by nature, as you explore the Euganean Hills you will see that the countryside around Hotel Apollo has something for everyone, however experienced you are. 

Let the gentle breeze ruffle your hair, enjoy the ever-changing landscape, the hills are the undisputed protagonist of this beautiful and varied countryside, with its farmland, rivers, churches, castles and Veneto villas. Lose yourselves in these enchanting places where time seems to stand still. 

Start with a circular route that will take you round the edge of the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills on a cycle track, a total of 64 km. 

The cycling is gentle on this mainly flat trail, apart from a 1 km-climb on Mount Sereo, and runs along the banks of the many canals which surround the Euganean Hills. The cycle track is nearly all tarmacked, although there are a couple of stretches which are just dirt tracks but are perfectly feasible, even on a racing bike. 

If, instead, you fancy a pleasant excursion with a guide, our easy activities are just the thing for you. 

And afterwards you can cool down in our thermal pools and enjoy total wellbeing!
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