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termeapollo girasoli estate

Welcome Summer!

At long last, the happiest and most carefree time of the year is here.

Flimsy clothes billow in the summer breeze while blackbirds and cicadas compete to see who can make the most noise on the hot, sunny days. The crops in the surrounding fields look straight out of a Van Gogh painting, the sunflowers, standing to attention like soldiers, sway among the bright poppies - summer is here!

It’s feels so good to take a dip in the pool to cool off, as the fearless perform daring acrobatic dives in the 4-metre deep pool and onlookers on the side clap, amused.

This morning Luisa woke you up early for your mud therapy session so now, as you lie on your sun bed, you think about the next place you would like to visit on your exploration of the area.

At this time of year, life is the lovely artistic towns and cities nearby has slowed down, like a lazy cat stretched out waiting for the cool of the evening, so what better time to get to know them?

In the meantime, as you continue to ponder, Roberto brings you a lovely refreshing drink. Cheers!

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