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Be inspired by nature

We have come up with some activities we think you will like and, as we tried them out, they put us back in touch with our primordial sense of balance, restoring our natural wellbeing and allowing us to connect with nature in the beautiful hills around the hotel. You really should try this new experience!

We’ve drawn up a personalised itinerary which includes warm-up exercises before setting off on the hike and then, when we get back to the hotel, a relaxing cool-down workout in the pool, an invigorating therapeutic massage and exercises to help loosen and relax your muscles after the walk.

Adrian, our professional personal trainer, will be on hand at all times, accompanying you on your outings in the hills and your post-hike recovery.

Although in the video you can’t smell the lovely scent of the linden tree blossom which is so intoxicating at the moment or see the secretive jay which followed our every step from the trees during our walk through the woods, it does reveal the magic of the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills, with its rich variety of plant and animal life, scents, sounds, unexpected views and breathtaking scenery – a truly memorable  experience.

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March 2018


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