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Autumn, that magical and unique season, is back and, in the chilly morning air,

nature puts on its spectacular show of ever-changing colours and light.

The memory of the warm summer is still in our hearts and spirit, but a sense of

calm and familiarity begins to come over us as we listen to the rustling of the

leaves and breathe in the seasonal woodland scents.

This is the season of whispered happiness, sweet desires and enchanting

atmospheres. Our hotel is ready to welcome you, as we do every year, so you

can be part of this special dimension.

The time has come to look after your mind and body, to let yourself be

pampered by our mud therapists and staff, and relax in the warm motherly

embrace of our spa waters. Or maybe you would like to go further afield and

explore the unforgettable artistic treasures and stunning countryside our

wonderful area has to offer.

Even a walk in our lovely extensive hotel grounds will fill you with emotion, as

you turn to the sun for warmth and listen to the sound of your footsteps on the

fallen leaves. We feel like children again and, with a smile on our lips, we pick

fruit from the trees: jujubes, persimmons and pomegranates.

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