Thermal swimming pool at the Apollo Hotel

SPA Treatments , Relax and Rehabilitation

In Abano and Montegrotto Terme the culture of wellness is handed down from generation to generation and developed to ensure and increase health at all ages, in line with our guests' needs.
At the “Wellness Oasis” of Hotel Apollo nothing is left to chance or improvisation: specialists and qualified personnel are at your disposal to study supplementary or alternative treatments on the basis of your specific needs and to check them at each individual stage.
Hotel Terme Apollo has been classified as level "I Super" by the Italian Ministry of Health, that is it offers the highest treatment standards. In addition the wide area dedicated to spa treatments is at ground floor, so that you can reach your room directly from the spa and obtain maximum benefits from the treatment.
The Italian National Health Service recognizes the therapeutic properties of thermal mud and water for the treatment and prevention of osteoarthrosis, osteoporosis, extra—joint rheumatism and respiratory system disorders: for this reason it has included fangotherapy, balneotherapy and inhalations into the medical insurance plan. The patient just needs to submit his doctor’s prescription to the hotel.
Thermal pool with hydrotherapy path
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Balneotherapy near Abano Terme


Our thermal water has muscle-relaxing, analgesic and contracture-relieving effects. A short swim or a bath in thermal water are often all you need to reduce pain, because movements that are normally difficult or painful can be carried out without any great effort when you are in water.

Baths in the swimming pool are recommended for rehabilitation of injured limbs, treatment of rheumatic joint diseases, psycho-physical recovery of sportspeople after demanding seasons.

A special focus has been placed on treatments based on modern air/water technology in whirlpool baths. The salty water at 36° C, the hydrostatic thrust reducing body weight and the energetic massage of water jets produce general relaxation, stimulate the blood vessels and reactivate the venous and lymphatic circulation in muscles and internal organs.

Kneipp treatment: health from the feet

Water, a natural element, offers a new opportunity for wellness and relaxation: the Kneipp treatment. This therapy stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation, detoxifies the body and strengthens the immune system. It consists of walking in water for some minutes, alternating warm and cold water.

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Inhalations and nasal shower


Inhalations and aerosol:

Thanks to its special composition, our salt-bromine-iodine water acts on the mucosas of the respiratory tract cleansing pharynx, larynx, bronchi and paranasal sinuses. Inhalations are also recommended for children. The following pathologies can be treated: rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, chronic catarrhal otitis and chronic bronchitis. 

Nasal shower:

It is recommended for all affections of the upper respiratory tract (nose, paranasal sinuses, rhinopharynx, Eustachian tube).

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Thermal cave

The Turkish bath and the finnish sauna : against stress and overweight


They are a useful complement to thermal treatments as they stimulates blood circulation and detoxifies and invigorates the whole body. They are advisable to fight stress, overweight and metabolic disorders (gout, hypercholesterolemia).

Open every day from 4.00 to 6 pm.

Thermal water comes from the Small Dolomites, the Lessin mountains, where it seeps down to 3000-4000 mt underground, warms up, flows and when special pressure conditions are fulfilled it comes to the surface giving rise to thermomineral hot water springs.
During its long journey underground, water is enriched with valuable minerals. It is drawn from the spring of Hotel Terme Apollo at 267 mt underground, at a temperature 72°C. Our thermal water, unique in the world, has been classified as salt-bromine-iodine hyperthermal water; it has antioxidizing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. It cleans the mucosas of the respiratory tract, detoxifies and invigorates the whole body.
At Hotel Terme Apollo you can improve your breathing by means of inhalations and nasal showers, combat stress and overweight in our turkish bath and finnish sauna, loosen tensions in our whirlpool baths.
You can also simply plunge and swim in our thermal pools: it will be a very pleasant experience as well as the opportunity to relax your body and reactivate the blood and lymphatic circulation of your muscles and internal organs.
Four swimming pools with temperatures ranging from 28°C to 36°C, waterfall, hydrotherapy course for lumbar tract, soles and vascular system, Kneipp course, water jets and whirlpool baths are at your disposal to regain energy and vitality.
Relax in thermal water
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Mud therapy curative clay


The thermal mud is applied by the mud-therapist on the patient's body according to the doctor’s instructions concerning temperature, duration and body parts involved (total or partial application). A cycle of 10-12 applications is recommended (2 weeks’ stay) for the therapy to be effective. At the end of the session the mud is removed, the patient takes a shower and plunges into an ozonized thermal bath. Here he stays 8-10 minutes at a temperature of 36°-38°C to benefit from its vasodilating and muscle-relaxing effects, which are very important after a fango application. After the bath the patient lies wrapped in clothes to facilitate the “sweating reaction”.

Hotel Apollo has a ASL convention (Italian Health Service).

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Thermal5Colours cosmeceutical line for spa well-being


Thermal5Colours®: the innovative cosmeceutical line for spa international well-being.

Five ranges with natural extracts for the body: combine Euganei mature spa mud with typical seaweeds and flavours from the Euganei Hills Natural Park and feature outstanding fragrances, ingredients and properties. They are the result of two years of scientific research by the Spa Study Centre “Pietro d’Abano”, in collaboration with Padua and Bologna universities.

This clay is then added to five specially created creams that enhance its specific qualities and give it five natural colours:
Five Thermal5Colours® lines: 5 clays, 5 colours and 5 senses for a unique sensorial experience:


1. WHITE: myrrh scented microscrub

Function: detoxifying - Siliceous shells Promotes cellular exchange, leaving the skin with a soft, velvety feel. A gentle scrub for fresh glow and radiance. 

2. YELLOW: fig scented draining body slimmer for her

Function: reduces unsightly skin problems typical of cellulite, thanks to ETS08 seaweed, and smoothes the skin.


3. GREEN: coriander scented body tonic for him

Function: muscle relaxing, toning, soothing and draining thanks to ETS05 seaweed.


4. MAGENTA: grape therapy anti-age protection for young skins

Function: improves microcirculation, helps combat the first signs of skin ageing. Preventive anti-oxidant, it preserves collagen and elastin fibres. Stimulates serotonin.


5. BLUE: intensive anti-age product for mature skins with the warm notes of Neroli essential oils

Function: acts on cell tropism (stretch marks), regenerates and revitalises, thanks to the anti-oxidant properties of ETS03 seaweed.
Coloured Thermal5Colours clays, certified and unique, are only used by the expert hands of our trained spa specialists.
Thermal mud has been used successfully and efficiently since Roman times.
It consists of a solid clayey component, a liquid component (thermal water) and an organic component (algae, protozoans, etc.).
The “maturation” process plays a fundamental role: the mud is put in special basins in contact with thermal water for a minimum period of 60 days so that it is colonized by bacteria, protozoans and in particular by the algae of the Euganean Thermal Basin.
In this way it acquires the chemical and biological properties which are ideal for anti-inflammatory, analgesic, muscle-relaxing and revitalizing treatments. The enriched biothermal mud is unique in the world because it contains Alga ETS05 which reproduces in the Euganean Thermal Basin exclusively. Its anti-inflammatory effect is covered by European patent. Hotel Terme Apollo is part of a network monitored by the University of Padua which checks the maturation process and the quality of thermal mud. “Centro Studi Termali Pietro d’Abano” is our reference authority.
Enjoy the pleasure of being covered with mud to give your body and your skin new vigour and strength.
At Hotel Terme Apollo beauty is always associated with health.
Curative clayCurative mud therapy
Massages and SPA at the Apollo Hotel
Let us take care of you from head to toe! The noble art of massage has always been cultivated in Abano and Montegrotto Terme. At Hotel Terme Apollo we develop custom treatments specially studied on the basis of your needs: reinforcing regenerating treatments with special and oriental techniques.

From sole reflexology to shiatsu and lymph drainage massage… against tensions, pain and cellulite. Forget everything and let expert hands take care of you! Nothing better than a good massage made by our qualified personnel at our "Wellness Oasis" to relax and acquire strength and vitality.

Complete your treatment with a massage: its contracture-relieving and invigorating effects on the muscles (especially in the lumbar and cervical tracts) will make you ready for a new start.


Is one of the most innovative Arts of Wellbeing. Performed in water heated to body temperature, it combines the benefits of an ancient oriental practice, such as Shiatsu, with those of warm water.The body is gently supported as it floats, alternating relaxation with movement, creating a kind of harmonious dance where the body is rocked and then stretched. It creates a profound state of letting go and relaxation which helps restore natural psycho-physical wellbeing.

Physiotherapy rehabilitative therapy
Hydrokinesitherapy is one of our strong points. It is carried out with assistance by a physiotherapist and comprises active and passive gymnastics in spa water. This treatment is particularly suitable after surgery on hip, knee, shoulder, knee ligaments and rotator cuff. It is also ideal for spine stabilisation. The muscle-relaxing action of the spa water, accompanied by the benefits of movement in water aids faster healing and helps rehabilitation.
Physiokinesiotherapy is a functional re-education technique which, through specific gymnastics, helps to combat a wide variety of degenerative, inflammatory, post-traumatic, neurological and vascular complaints. Physiokinesiotherapy is an exceptional complement for tradition bath and mud treatments. Indicated for:
• Degenerative complaints: primary and secondary arthritis.:
• Inflammatory conditions: periarthritis, tendonitis, tenositis, bursitis, fibritis, arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, metabolic rheumatism, lumbago, cervicitis.:
• Post-Traumatic complaints: hypotonicity and hypotrophy muscles, joint stiffness, lymphatic and vein stasis, (due to fractures, contusions, tendon lesions, arthopedic operations).:
• Neurological problems: hemiplegia, paraplegia, monoplegia, poly-neuropathy, myopathy.:
• Vascular pathology: lymphatic and circulatory insufficiency of the lower limbs, obstructive arteriopathy.
Healing therapies in thermal water
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Scuba diving near Montegrotto Terme
Y-40 The Deep Joy Montegrotto Terme


What makes you want to try scuba diving? Usually it is for the sheer pleasure of trying something new, of sharing the same experience with other people and finding a new dimension of wellbeing underwater.


Not only is swimming underwater a unique experience that promotes considerable psychological and physical wellbeing, it also gives a large number of our skeletal muscles, particularly those of the abdomen and the lower limbs, a real workout. Underwater we move in an environment where the air is denser and there is increased resistance to our movements, without subjecting our joints to trauma.


One of the benefits of scuba diving is that it increases the oxygen dissolved in our blood due to the higher ambient pressure. This increases muscular energy, calcification of the bones and brain activity. The principle of exploiting this pressure to increase oxygen dissolution in the blood is used in the medical profession in hyperbaric oxygen therapy (patients are placed in a confined environment where they are subjected to an atmospheric pressure which goes from 2 to 2.8 atm, the same pressure a diver experiences when diving under 20 metres).


Breathing deeply and slowly when diving is important in order to optimise air consumption. At the same time a feeling of calm and relaxation washes over us in this silent environment where all our movements are slow, and our stress levels, caused by the hectic pace of our everyday lives, are lowered.


Practising a sport like scuba diving in thermal water increases the benefits it naturally offers.
The chemical composition of the water helps cure chronic inflammatory processes in an effective and natural way. Swimming in thermal water is highly recommended for treating muscle atrophy and painful, aching joints.

The precious dissolved substances that give this water its therapeutic qualities mean it is a unique resource, and it has been classified as salt-bromide-iodine hyperthermal water.


Book your first scuba diving experience in the 4-metre deep pool at the Apollo, with the qualified instructors of the Y-40® International Training Academy on hand to help you. And if you would like to try a deeper dive, you can do so at the deepest swimming pool in the world at less than one kilometre from us.

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Tennis at the Apollo Hotel Terme


Hotel Terme Apollo has five clay tennis courts for guests to use, set against the backdrop of the Euganean Hills - three outdoor and two indoor courts which are heated in the winter. Tennis lessons can be arranged upon request, even for the little ones.
Tennis is a complete sport and is important for children too, as it teaches them coordination and discipline. It is energetic, it helps us mentally unwind and keep fit.
Fancy a game?
Book a court at reception if you have some free time, then treat yourself to a dip in the pool afterwards to cool down, a real cure-all for sports lovers.


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Complimentary Bike at the Apollo Terme Hotel
Bike path of the Euganean Hills


Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or just want to relax and have fun outdoors surrounded by nature, as you explore the Euganean Hills you will see that the countryside around Hotel Apollo has something for everyone, however experienced you are.

Let the gentle breeze ruffle your hair, enjoy the ever-changing landscape, the hills are the undisputed protagonist of this beautiful and varied countryside, with its farmland, rivers, churches, castles and Veneto villas. Lose yourselves in these enchanting places where time seems to stand still.

Start with a circular route that will take you round the edge of the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills on a cycle track, a total of 64 km.
The cycling is gentle on this mainly flat trail, apart from a 1 km-climb on Mount Sereo, and runs along the banks of the many canals which surround the Euganean Hills. The cycle track is nearly all tarmacked, although there are a couple of stretches which are just dirt tracks but are perfectly feasible, even on a racing bike.

If, instead, you fancy a pleasant excursion with a guide, our easy activities are just the thing for you.
And afterwards you can cool down in our thermal pools and enjoy total wellbeing!


Trips, walks, rides: let your eyes and your heart be filled with images and emotions. Go along the easy/medium cycle paths, discover the surroundings taking your time or put your sporting skills to the test. We will be glad to inform you on the places of interest of our territory: the lagoon, the Euganean Hills, the natural beauties and the splendid art cities in our region.
We help you keep fit. Tennis, swimming, diving, bowling greens... a large number of sports can be played at Hotel Terme Apollo in the swimming pools and in the gym, using our internal equipment (Technogym) and going to the nearby facilities (for example, the golf club)..
Choose the best way to live your holiday!
In the morning, from Monday until Saturday, fitness training (stretching, stiffening and respiratory exercises) in the gymnasium and, in our thermal pools, aquagym.
Every monday and thursday takes place course of yoga in our gym.
Acqua Fitness at the Apollo Terme Hotel
The Easy Activities 2018 will take place in the following periods:
from 19th March to 9th June and from 20th August to 27th October. The activities will be organised all the days, including holidays (except Easter Monday, 17th April). Here you find the planning of the excursions:
• Monday: NATURE AND CULTURE - Trekking
Departure from Abano Terme. Activity surrounded by nature through the parks of Montirone towards San Daniele Hill and its Monastery. Visit of the monastery, where furniture and decorations of a 17th century villa can be seen. Altitude 70m. Length 6km, maximum 3 hours.
VILLA BEMBIANA AND LA MONTECCHIA An easy route loop by bicycle through the countryside and the hills that surround Abano Terme, reaching two major historical villas. Completely flat route. Length 17km, maximum 3 hours.
• Wednesday: NATURE AND HISTORY - Trekking
ARQUÀ PETRARCA A minibus will take you up to Lago della Costa, the thermal lake from which the curative mud is extracted. Hike to reach Arquà Petrarca, one of the most beautiful medieval villages of Italy. Return by bus. Altitude 70m. Length 6km, maximum 4 hours.
• Thursday: ART AND CULTURE - Bike
PRAGLIA AND VILLA DEI VESCOVI An easy route loop by bicycle to discover two sites rich in artistic and cultural value, sorrounded by a landscape of great beauty. Completely flat route. Length 24km, maximum 4 hours.
Bicycle tour to visit the two lakes from which the curative mud is extracted for the applications. Two places of historical significance for the Euganean territory. Completely flat route.
Length 28km, maximum 3,5 hours.
Sport trekking in the Euganean Hills